Multi Overall winner, Natural Bikini Pro and current NPC National Bikini competitor with 12 years training experience. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, specialize in both prenatal and postpartum exercise, and am a certified Nutrition Specialist. I love working hard, eating big and helping others find their inner confident badass to rock the stage.


NPC Bodybuilder with over 20 years REAL WORLD experience in both training and living the bodybuilder lifestyle. In that time I’ve gathered knowledge first hand that can’t be ascertained from any book or media source out there. As a true hard-gainer, the journey wasn’t easy, but it taught me invaluable lessons I pass on to my clients. WORK HARDER!

Our Mission

Our Team MuscleTime mission is to bring your best self to the stage. We take pride in working individually with each client and their specific needs. Working as a team in every facet is our strength. We are only satisfied when our vision and goals come to life and you are STAGE READY.

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