Personal Training

We understand choosing the right workout program can be confusing with so many options out there; what you read in a magazine or see online may not be the best for you and your goals. We’ve seen many people choose training styles and exercises with less than proper form that do not benefit their physique. Let us design a tailored program to achieve your personal fitness goals.

No matter what your current fitness level, from beginner to advanced, we can work with your needs. We won’t overwhelm a beginner with complex workouts, nor will we bore an experienced athlete; each client will be challenged according to their specific fitness level.

One-on-one personal training is the most effective way to reach your goals. This is where we can first hand correct your form and push you to the appropriate level needed. We help teach you tricks to establish a strong mind-to-muscle connection to get the most from your workouts. If one-on-one training is not an available in your location, we also work with clients all over the country. We design personalized programs with detailed exercise instructions and/or demonstration videos/pictures. We have clients send us video of them performing exercises which we then critique and give tips to optimize their training. We closely monitor your progress to ensure you get the most from your training.

We look forward to training with you!